2 Barriers to Successful Cloud Migration

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2 Barriers to Successful Cloud Migration
2 Barriers to Successful Cloud Migration
July 15, 2019

Cloud migration is hard and it gets harder, the farther down you go on the list of applications to migrate. And this often brings the question of whether the process can be made easy! 

Well, CoreIT feels that when all the applications are well-designed, the databases have consistent and non-redundant structures, and security requirements which makes it easy while migrating.  But this hardly happens. Cloud migration is accompanied often by two issues frequently that can lead to failure of the entire process in addition to having strict security and compliance requirements, as well as other issues that make migration complex. Let’s look at them here:

1. Upward Budget Escalations While Migration
Migration often starts with small workloads and then eventually goes on to take up bigger work chunks. Since Cloud is an on-demand pay per use technology, the cost for smaller workloads is less as compared to the larger ones. This factor is normally not conveyed properly to the enterprises by service providers in the beginning. Often the deal is made portraying that Cloud migration is budget-friendly. With larger workloads being migrated, enterprise often finds their budgets also escalating which makes migration appear to be a failure. 

2. Inadequate Security 
Security breaches like Ransomware and data leaks are growing concerns that have a possibility of happening on a regular basis. Hence, security must be central and systemic to everything that you do, in terms of migration. However, when it comes to the actual practice, enterprises often forget about dealing with cloud security until the workloads are already in the cloud. This is the second hindrance that enterprise creates.

With experience, CoreIT recommends a concrete migration blueprint before moving ahead with the migration process. We often emphasize the importance of the above barriers and focus on the quality of security and budget savings. To know more write to us today.