Workstations Management Service

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How We Deliver

For the business to remain competitive it is required that the productivity of the workforce remains high and for this, it is required that end user systems - computers, laptops, and workstations- operate as desired. As the business has become competitive it requires workstation management service that monitors and addresses problems in minimum time lag. 

Our experts assist by minimizing the user downtime and prevent security issues like virus attacks, spyware, malware, and patch update management and all this is done remotely without hindering the staff productivity. 

We provide both remote and on-site support for workstation issues ensuring that anti-virus solutions are updated, operating system patching, scheduled optimization processes, and auditing.

+ Advantage

  • Process simplification  by standardizing IT processes
  • Adherence to SLA
  • Increase in CSAT in reduced cost
  • 24X7 support for reporting incidents or service requests.
  • Optimize investments
  • Faster deployment of new hardware and software

Our Workstation Management Service Offerings

  • Workstation Hardware Deployment with Inventory Data Management
  • Workstation Hardware Monitoring and Maintenance
  • Workstation OS Updates and Patch Management
  • Workstation Software Deployment, Patching and Inventory
  • Scheduled Workstation Activities
  • Antivirus Software Management


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