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Detailed Service Pack

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Services Overview

With mobile devices penetrating in the work environment this has raised a demand for services for mobile device and user management. Business is required to adapt to the mobile era and define their mobility strategy to push business growth and remain ahead in the seamlessly connected world. As we are witnessing that the mobile device usage is not limited to large corporates but also in SME segment. This scenario requires a solution which assists in managing access to various business applications and systems, and also different support level based on user role; mobile platform and whether the devices are user-owned or company owned.

To remain relevant and ahead in digital world business require mobile services support to ensure business applications are aligned to your business needs. 

Core IT provides Mobility Managed Services that assist business in embarking on the digital journey and providing secured and flexible services with a minimum required IT infrastructure, quick set-up time at reduced costs.

Powerful Strategies

Rich Partner Ecosystem
Best in class tools and technologies
Proactive Monitoring and Management
Enhanced Security Measures for Mobililty
Skilled Team

Our Mobility Service Offerings

Mobile Security Management: We assist in providing security for mobile applications, devices, and infrastructure across different platforms and environment.
Mobile Email Management: We provide secured email platform across different devices and OS and assist in implementing controls on devices to manage email, prevent data loss, encrypt data and enforce compliance policies across both native and cloud-based email clients.
Mobile Device Management (MDM): Our MDM services, readiness assessment, policy creation and management and monitoring and management of mobile devices, ensure tracking, securing, monitoring and management of mobile devices. Our partner ecosystem allows 360 degree MDM services.
Mobile Application Management: We provide mobile application management services for the complete lifecycle of mobile applications from setting-up IT policies, removing applications from unwanted users, building custom enterprise application stores, ensuring controlled distribution and access of application and removing  obsolete applications from enterprise application stores