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Why is it important to create open, connected data lakes for AI with Cloud?

Why is it important to create open, connected data lakes for AI with Cloud?

AI or Artificial Intelligence is the next big thing in the IT scenario. We can see that chatbots and voice searches gaining importance; the tangent for an AI-market is all set for the future. However, since cloud has increased the efficiency of an enterprise and has led to many innovations, AI is set to bloom on the foundations of cloud, DevOps and data.

The overwhelming trouble with unstructured data
CoreIT finds that data is one of the most loosely dealt aspects in an organization. When a cluster of unsegregated data comes in, enterprise usually saves it without structuring. It is only when a data scientist looks into it, do we realize that most of them are useless or had the potential of creating more efficiency. 

Storing data in assorted data lakes can prove to be meaningful once streaming data from various sources can be looked upon by data scientists. The overwhelming amount of data can thus be placed where there is maximum visibility and can be approached when the need arises. 

It is noticeable that many organizations are building data lakes as they sense the potential of information available to them. Also it gives them the opportunities to look for complete information if any necessary data is not in hand. 

In absence of a structured database, it is found that only 20% of the time is spent in data analysis and the rest 80% time is spent in finding, cleaning and reorganizing the information.

The future of data and AI
With Cloud, an enterprise can use their cloud services and data lakes with machine learning to classify and cleanse incoming data. This in turn sets the foundation for AI app development. CoreIT believes, development of such a practice can lead to a data-driven culture for tomorrow where good governance and strong security delivers of data lakes can serve as an intelligent pillar for every decision and initiative a company undertakes making AI implementation simpler.


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