Why should Start-ups consider Cloud?

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Why should Start-ups consider Cloud?
Why should Start-ups consider Cloud?
April 01, 2019

Startups and SMBs, initially, do not have a strong IT system. Startups usually focus on business goals and then look for a suitable IT platform that they can adopt. However, having a Cloud in its arsenal is always beneficial as it gives an edge in the market and helps to stay ahead of the competition. 

Core Technologies Services, Inc. finds that today most of the SMBs and startups who invest in IT resources generally opt for Cloud as their primary platform to do their businesses. This is because the Cloud follows the OPEX model and does not require heavy investment in initial stages.

Following are the areas where Cloud can have an advantage over traditional IT systems for SMBs:

Flexibility: Startups are very agile and can adopt many changes in the industry within a short period of time. To adapt to change in business needs, SMBs can easily rely on Cloud for flexible processes without facing latency. 

Cost-effective: With Cloud, the upfront investment in IT infrastructure is eliminated as the system performs on a virtual platform. As for resources used on the platform, Cloud works on the motto - “What you use is what you will pay for”. This means startups have to pay only for those resources that they use and this prevents overspending - giving them an added advantage over large corporations.

Reliability: The enormous computing capabilities of Cloud with a secure access make it the most trusted form of IT infrastructure available today in the market. Disaster Recovery solutions and data backup plans are relatively easy and make it practical for every startup to have an IT resource as per changing market needs.

CoreIT believes the dynamics of a business can expand greatly with Cloud and a company can start at a very small point in terms of IT resources and scale from there to a higher configuration. To know more about Cloud, SMBs can reach out to us with their businesses.