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Cost effective Cyber Security for SMB
Cost effective Cyber Security for SMB
April 03, 2019

With the massive surge in cyber-attacks on small and medium business the myth, “It’ll never happen to us”, have busted as it is being seen that cybercriminals have no bias against the size of the organization.  In fact, hacker’s affinity towards SMBs have increased and they have started finding small businesses to be more attractive because of negligible security is there to protect their data.
Recently Equifax stocks plunged after a cyber-attack, which is being termed one of the biggest in the United States, exposed the personal financial information including names, social security numbers, credit card numbers and some other details of around 143 million Americans. There have been similar attacks on small and medium businesses, which did not make headlines but many businesses shut down as they were not able to handle the aftermath of a cyber attack.
As per 2016 State of SMB Cybersecurity Report in 12 months, hackers breached half of all small businesses in the United States, and even after knowing that they are the vulnerable majority of American small and medium businesses neglect the data security for one or the other reason.
A survey by Manta highlights that 87 percent of small-business owners don't feel the urgency to manage cybersecurity, moreover, 1 in 3 small businesses don't have the security tools to protect their business.
As the cyber-attacks on small businesses have been increasing it is not prudent to avoid taking simple preventive measure to safeguard business from security threats. Cybersecurity is a need of an hour for business owners as it can be a matter of growth or death of the business. Businesses should understand the gravity of the cybersecurity and should invest in IT security to prevent hacking attacks or else it can prove fatal for small business in comparison to a large corporation.
Due to the paucity of funds, non-compliance of processes & procedures and unavailability of skill sets to manage IT security small businesses are the soft targets but there are ways to remain secured in a most cost-effective manner. A simple security tool like Unified Threat Management (UTM) can assist small and medium businesses to achieve peace of mind by providing low-cost security mechanism which is easy to configure and provides a layer of sensible security.
Core Technologies Services, Inc. Sensible Security service team has been providing a cost effective UTM solution to small and medium businesses in US, India and Middle East.  When CoreIT rolled out the UTM solution in these geographies it was found that the most business owners were not aware of a low-cost solution to mitigate IT security threats as the security service providers they had contacted provided security solutions which were not only exorbitantly costly but were also highly complex for small and medium business to manage.
UTM solution adheres to regulatory compliance, can be easily integrated with standard network configuration methodologies and technology standards, and business security can be easily managed remotely by an IT administrator through its unified management console.
With CoreIT’s UTM, businesses are not required to worry about the security of their business. Apart from providing the unified threat management device Core Technology security team helps businesses to standardize their IT processes and also educate their employees regarding the security practices they need to follow to keep themselves secure.
To know how our Sensible Security can protect your business read our whitepaper.