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January 07, 2019
Top 5 Email Security Concerns And Their Solutions

Email management is crucial in order to help your organization and business flourish while being an easy mode of communication and data transfer. Let us look at some of the key aspects of email communication and the threats it encounters.

January 04, 2019
Things You Should Know About Cybercrime

According to The Hiscox Cyber Readiness Report 2017 published in February 2017, cybercrime costs the global economy over $450 billion and more than 2 billion personal records were stolen in 2016. Also, there were about 53% of the businesses in US and UK which are not cybercrime-ready. How well do you know about this threat?

January 02, 2019
Ransomware Attack?? Here’s what to do..

When a malicious software blocks a user’s data until the latter agrees to pay a ransom, it is called Ransomware. During a ransomware attack, the victims cannot access their data, till the ransom is paid. But with few steps mentioned below, one can take some precautions from becoming a victim to such threats.